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last mix ?

sup everyone !
i'm definitely back with a new stuff straight out of my messy*room.
i've been spending lots of time gathering all my records,(OGz, represses, bootlegz, whitez...) mixing them up and down, cutting' them up, messin'around, trying to realise something that everybody can appreciate since this mix is like a little trip from my first tapes (P.E, BDP, LL Cool J, Rakim ...) to the TV Shows (MTV Raps, Viva Freestyle...) and radio shows (Couleur 3, Dj Sebb).
iit goes to classics, west steez, new steez and of course the old and indie joints. it took me a long time to achieve that work, since i've also tried to mix it.
sorry for the little bugs, sound problems, and other stuff, but thats my way of spinning and cutting, a dusty-messy-quicky-cranky*style !
you can also find out beats from my main man medline (thanks for the freshness bro') plus some old steez from my fly homie mesh in the mix.
get ready for my man medline first 12''called*mercado negro* more info here :medline!!dont sleep!!
please peep the cover designed by the illest phobiahz. special thanks bro', you the man rippin'and reppin'since disturb the mainstream and before ! you've really did what i've imaginated !one love, one song, one word !
please be sure to peep the website militantVinylist, and listen to phobiahz' mixxez. we gonna feed this place. so stay tunes for MV + Propaground !!!
thanks to all for bumping my mixes, and for your messages. please be spreading that blend everywhere !!! thanks to my homies and bros, abdel&halim(my support), real*mowfkn*CEE(the tightesst*aigght*), medline(da aktivist numero uno), phobiahz(greatest wall'mixa), booboo (dakota wall ripper), cletus uno(fisherman'ill'mcee...wherz BJ??haha) mesh (mr flawless') nabil(i gotcha), bandito(katinair/reprezenta*), neofit (wher u at), crook (master'minded'mayn), VR (nicety'beat'kutta),tedwan (mpcee nikka), kevin (da ill'shoota), peck (drop some kutz buddy), bachir (da aktivator) stroke (sp12'kikka), ryks (wher'u've'been?), germinal (mc kleva), kero, engo, met, defré,plus many more and also to my lovely wifey for supporting me !
mixx :Retrospekshun'88-08*
peace to everyone !


Cover Remix !

NuMiksOnDeBloqe (click on the cover for DL)!!!

Dont hesitate to hit me for any infos ! da real & only Bashir !
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